Overlapper 1.1.2

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MEL script for Maya. Tool for creating animation of overlapping action.


You can watch intoduction video here: youtube, vimeo

Installation video: youtube

Animation workflow video: tRex animation, diver animation

Works with maya 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023, 2024


  • Non dynamic engine (no bugs on fast moving objects)
  • Automatically find controls hierarchy (work perfect with simple FK system, adapted for Advanced Skeleton rigs)
  • Can add wind
  • Work on selected timeline range
  • Adaptive scale. Automaticly find the best scale for your animation (don't need spent time to find parameters)
  • Work with already animated objects
  • Сreate seamless overlapping action for cycle animation
  • Can bake animation from Overlapper immediately on animation layer
  • Create overlapping action for translation too 
  • Create selection set for overlapped controls or objects

Tested on rigs:

  • HIK (Maya Human IK)
  • Animation mentor
  • CgTarian
  • Advanced Skeleton
  • LongWinter studio rigs
  • Bazutkin rig
  • iAnimate
  • Animsquad
  • AnimSchool

Single freelancer licence: You can use the Overlapper for commercial works for freelance not in studio 

Single seat studio licence: Single seat licence for commercial works. One licence for one work seat in studio.

Overlapper End User License Agreement

I will appreciate any your feedback and suggestion: dmetren@gmail.com

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(105 ratings)
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Overlapper 1.1.2

105 ratings
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