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reParent v2.4.0 (Pro Version) - updated!

Good day, my dear friends! I have recently updated some files associated with reParent v2.4.0 (Pro Version)

I’ve spent a lot of time adding some cool features to reParent. 

reParent 2.4.0. Features List

  • reParent works with any equal controls names now

  • added Collision mode

  • drag and drop installation

  • custom matrix orient constraints instead of default maya constraints, no more 180/180/180 twist. 

  • reparent locators rotation order gets from controls rotation order

  • work correctly in maya 2018+ ( playback cache is turned off during reParent work )

  • reParent locator now has shape (locator/sphere/cube) and size attribute

  • transfer unique attributes and animation to reParent locator.

  • aim mode: control longitudinal axis animation is rotateY on reParent aim locator now

  • ik mode: added pole vector - follow mode on pole vector

  • ik mode: added pole vector - pin offset control to pole vector

  • ik mode: added stretchy mode

  • ik mode: added offset control

  • ik mode: added soft ik

  • ik mode: add control/locator shape

  • ik mode: show ik pole vector connection line

  • ik mode: work with straight FK chain.

  • ik mode: ik + manual pivot


It’s a lot of stuff, I checked everything I could, but I would be extremely grateful for feedback on bugs and suggestions for improvement

In the near future I will prepare a video describing the new features.

Thank you a lot for your support!

download vesrion 2.4.0 from gumroad

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